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American Heart Association (AHA)

Mission and History
The American Heart Association (AHA) is a nationwide organization dedicated to promoting cardiovascular health. Founded in 1924, it aims to reduce heart disease and stroke through research, education, and advocacy. The AHA collaborates with healthcare professionals, policymakers, and communities to improve heart health globally.

Training Programs
The AHA offers a range of training programs:

Basic Life Support (BLS): Designed for healthcare providers, BLS teaches high-quality CPR, AED use, and relief of choking.

Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS): ACLS builds on BLS skills, emphasizing advanced airway management, pharmacology, and team dynamics.

Heartsaver Courses: These courses cater to laypersons and workplace responders, covering CPR, first aid, and AED use.

The AHA’s evidence-based guidelines have significantly improved survival rates for cardiac arrest and other emergencies. By training millions of individuals, the AHA has empowered communities to respond effectively during critical moments.

Participants can earn AHA certifications by completing courses and passing assessments. Certifications are valid for a specific duration and require periodic renewal.

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